Take Care of the Hotel Pool with Grout Shield

Pools are exposed to the elements. Sun. Dirt. Leaves. Food. Sunscreen. Bugs. Dirt. People’s skin. Pools, especially a public hotel pool, can get dirty fast. The water isn’t the only thing that can get dirty, but the grout lines in the tile of the pool can get dirty. A dirty pool isn’t appealing for guests to use. You want your guests to feel like they’re in a paradise oasis, not cesspool.

The grout lines in pool can get just as dirty as the grout you find in a bathroom or kitchen inside the hotel. On pool grout, algae, mold, dirt, and stains can form from moisture and liquids that have collected from rainwater, pool water, and other outdoor elements.

When not properly cared for, a pool’s grout lines can go from bright beautiful colors to dingy, dull lines. Even if you “clean” the area, it can look like you’ve never cleaned if you aren’t using the proper grout cleaner and grout sealer.

You want to invest in quality grout cleaning products that can clean and seal your grout, so you can keep the hotel pool looking clean and new all year round.

To clean the pool’s grout lines, you need to drain your pool if any grout goes beneath the water. If you only have tile surrounding the pool, you do not need to drain the pool.

Make sure all your grout is dry. Next, sweep away any access debris or dirt that is on the surface of the tiles and grout. Use Grout Shield’s Grout and Tile Cleaner to clean the area. Apply the cleaner to the grout and tile with a mop and let it saturate into the grout lines for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, towel dry the area. After the grout is dry, apply Grout Shield’s clear sealer or color sealer onto the area. A grout sealer will protect your grout for longer, making it harder to get dirty. If you want to change the color of your pool, opt for the color sealer – you can choose any color you want!

Watch the video below to see how to remove calcium build up and restore a pool with Grout Shield’s products:

If you want a professional-looking pool your guests will love, it’s time you think about purchasing Grout Shield’s grout restoration products. To learn more about these products or to order a grout cleaner or grout sealer, call 1-800-631-0716 or click our grout products page.

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