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[SPECIAL EDITION PODCAST] How America Gives | Ft. Stacy Palmer

In this special edition podcast, Randy talked with the editor of Chronicle of Philanthropy, Stacy Palmer. Chronicle just released their 2017 Special Report titled How America Gives. It’s a comprehensive look into giving trends nationwide through exclusive analysis of Internal Revenue

[PODCAST] Tips and Tricks to Year-End Fundraising | Ft. Sandy Rees

“You have to be transparent with your fundraising. Think if the decision you’re making would be on the front page of the local paper tomorrow and your mama saw it. Would you want your mama to see it?” – Sandy

[PODCAST] The Ins and Outs of Community Engagement | Ft. Amy Sample Ward

NTEN’s CEO, Amy Sample Ward, and Randy covered a lot of topics in this week’s podcast. Amy referenced her blog, where she writes about the ever-changing world of social media, engagement and the nonprofit sector in relation to generations. It’s

[PODCAST] Four Steps to Major Gifts Cultivation | Ft. Amy Eisenstein

Amy Eisenstein is an ACFRE certified development professional and fundraising consultant. She’s worked with nonprofits of all sizes for the last 15 years. Her specialty? Major gifts. When dealing with major gifts, it’s important to remember these four steps: 1.

[PODCAST] Donor Communications Crash Course | Ft. Tom Ahern

Donor communications guru, Tom Ahern is a copywriter by trade. He knows the ins and outs of donor-centric fundraising and gave us some great tips for nonprofits. People like having conversations, but hate being “talked at.” Donor communications really are

[PODCAST] Broaden Your Message With Influencer-Driven Campaigns | Ft. Jeanette Russell

“Sticking to the basics, getting those calls to action right and having clean data, those are the important things. If you don’t have those, you’re making a soup with a rotten tomato and that’s just never going to taste good.”

[PODCAST] Three Steps to Master Planned Giving | Ft. Tony Martignetti

“Part of what scares nonprofits [about planned giving] is they feel they’re talking about death. And if you were talking about death, then it would be scary. But that’s not the way to go about this. You’re talking about the

[PODCAST] How Small Nonprofits Can Partner with Corporations | Ft. Julie Hirshey

“If we’re able to focus our light, we’re going to be able to do more good.” – Julie Hirshey While working for an athletic team as popular as the Philadelphia Eagles can be difficult, communications director Julie Hirshey spends her

[PODCAST] What to Consider Before Starting a Nonprofit | Ft. Kishshana Palmer

If I were to take a poll of everyone on earth, I would be willing to bet that a majority of people have a dream tucked away somewhere for three things; it’s become one of my favorite icebreaker conversations because

[LIVE PODCAST] Storytelling, Culture, Leadership and Workplace Wellness

Day two of Cause Camp 2017 was just as good as day one. The hits kept coming on day two, with presentations from Derrick Feldmann, Beth Kanter, and Kivi Leroux-Miller. Once again, we had our emcee Mark Pitman lead a panel to