Mr. Earl Jackson at Loyola Univesity Annual Haiti Assistance Conference

Mr. Earl Jackson at Loyola Univesity Annual Haiti Assistance Conference

2016 donations raised more than 5 million dollars in supplies. More »


Amp Up Your Business with Grout Shield

Contractors love using Grout Shield products. They clean and seal great making new and older homes sparkle. If you’re a contractor or in the cleaning business, you can expand or amp up your business with Grout Shield’s grout products! Being

How to Keep Your Email Subscribers Engaged

When you work as an email marketer, you need to expect a certain amount of email unsubscribes each year. But if your list gets smaller and smaller all the time, you need to stop and rethink what you’re doing. Unsubscribes

Purchase the Best Grout Cleaner in Portland 

If you have dirty or cracked grout in your Portland home or business, you can easily fix this on your own! You can make your dirty or stand grout look like new again. There’s no need to hire a grout-cleaning

Chantal Sheehan : Nonprofiteer Turned Nonprofit Numbers Nerd

Last year at Cause Camp, I laughed when speaker and fellow nonprofiteer Rachel Muir called herself a “recovering nonprofit executive director.” I laughed because that describes me to a tee. My path to #nonprofitlife was winding at best. My parents

How to Clean Grout in a Dirty House

If you’re moving in a new home, chances are the previous owners left some things behind that are glistening the way you want. There’s a good chance the previous homeowners’ cleaning may not have been up to par with your

Kick off Your New Year with the Best Grout Cleaner

Why not kick off the new year with a clean home? After the holidays, our homes and businesses can be messy and dirty from lots of foot traffic dragging in dirt, mud, snow, and water. Make cleaning your home thoroughly

6 Tips to be at the Top of Your Fundraising Game

With an increasing number of nonprofits entering the scene, there’s a lot of competition for the limited amount of attention and resources out there. In this environment, you need to stay at the top of your game to make the

The Best Grout Cleaner for Your Business

A business continues to get customers and clients not only for its great products, food, or services but for its atmosphere and cleanliness. No one wants to shop, stay, or eat at a dirty-looking establishment. Businesses get a lot of

Preserve Your Grout with the Right Grout Cleaner and Sealer

Grout often gets forgotten about, until it’s unsightly. Grout can alter the entire look of a room, whether it’s stained, discolored or broken. Whether you just grouted your tile, cleaned it, or looking to change the color, you want to

How to Optimize Instagram for Nonprofits

Instagram is, without a doubt, one of the best platforms for marketing brands. Since 2010, it has grown tremendously from a simple photo-sharing app to a platform where businesses and nonprofits alike get to share their stories and advocacies. Through