Mr. Earl Jackson at Loyola Univesity Annual Haiti Assistance Conference

Mr. Earl Jackson at Loyola Univesity Annual Haiti Assistance Conference

2016 donations raised more than 5 million dollars in supplies. More »


Protect Your Grout This Fall Season

October is here, which means fall is here. Across the country, fall is a beautiful season where the temperatures are cooler, humidity drops, and the trees and plants start changing into beautiful colors. Although, fall comes with some downsides. There’s

How to Clean Grease Out of Grout

Cooking can get messy, especially when making a lot of food at once. A pot can boil over. Food can spit out of a pan. You could drop or spill something. Messes in the kitchen are inevitable. There are many

How to put Climate into Your Mission

Look, I know it’s scary. It’s tough to think about. But whether or not you accept it, the Earth is changing. Glaciers are melting, oceans are rising and weather patterns are changing. According to NASA Global Climate Change, In the

The Importance of Cleaning Grout

When we clean our homes, we think about dusting, mopping the floor, vacuuming, washing dishes, etc. However, if we don’t clean grout, our rooms can still look dirty. Dirty grout doesn’t just look bad; it also isn’t very sanitary. Grout

How to Get Mud Stains Out of Grout

Homes are made to be lived in. Whether it’s a rainy spring day or the kids were playing football on the grass, there’s a good chance mud will get trekked into your home. As you know, mud is wet and

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month – September 15th to October 15th, 2019

This time every year is dedicated to acknowledging the Hispanic heritage contributions that have helped to make America the wonderful melting pot that it is. Hispanic and Latino Americans have had a profound positive effect on their communities and because

How to Restore Your Grout

Have you noticed broken or chipped grout in your home? It looks terrible, right? Don’t fret! You don’t necessarily need to retile and re-grout the area, especially if the tiles are not compromised. You can actually use some of Grout

How to Clean Hot Sauce Out of Grout

From food to drinks, the kitchen is a messy area. Spills happen. You can drop a bottle or miss your plate. One condiment that is known for its stains is hot sauce. Not only is hot sauce spicy, it’s (usually)

5 Effective Design Tips to Increase Donor Giving

These days, your organization’s website is typically the first impression people have of your nonprofit. If your page is poorly designed, it may steer potential supporters away, completely throwing off the digital marketing strategies that you’ve worked so hard to

How Do You Clean Grout Properly?

Grout can get dirty quick if you don’t properly care for it or seal it. Also, there are many ways to incorrectly clean your grout. If your grout wasn’t sealed, your grout will look dirty, making your entire room or