Mr. Earl Jackson at Loyola Univesity Annual Haiti Assistance Conference

Mr. Earl Jackson at Loyola Univesity Annual Haiti Assistance Conference

2016 donations raised more than 5 million dollars in supplies. More »


Online Crowdfunding: A How-To Guide

In the last decade, crowdfunding, or the collection of small donations from a large number of people, has taken the fundraising world by storm. It’s projected to become a $90-96 billion dollar industry by 2025, and for good reason. By

How to Color Seal Pitted Tile

What is pitted tile? Pitted tile has a rough surface and texture – it is not smooth and sleek feeling or looking. Can this tile’s grout be sealed? It can. By using Grout Shield’s brush applicator and Grout Shield’s color

4 (Mostly) Free Ways to Appreciate Your Employees

Nonprofit employees are truly unsung champions. They work tirelessly for the causes they care about, and usually for a lower wage than their for-profit counterparts. They deserve our recognition and celebration, but it can be hard to show your appreciation

How to Clean Your Dirty Grout in Just Minutes

Do you have dirty grout? Have you tried cleaning it? Does it not change? Do you scrub and scrub and nothing happens? Cleaning grout can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be – not with the right grout cleaner!

[PODCAST] Growing Good with Lisa Guill

Nonprofit Hub’s newest Hubcast series, Growing Good, is all about how young nonprofit professionals can sustain and grow our industry for the better. As startups and other for-profit companies ramp up their offerings for new employees, young people are especially

How to Fix Cracked Grout with Grout Shield

Countertops usually settle, which often times means, you can find broken or missing grout in between the backsplash and the tile – this looks awful. It looks like your backsplash is old and broken. How can you repair this without

Emergency Funding: Where to Find It and How to Get It

It’s no secret that nonprofits struggle to find funding more than businesses and corporations do. Any money leftover after operating costs is usually put toward helping those in need, and that’s something to be proud of. But that doesn’t mean

Where and How to Use Grout Shield’s Clear Seal

Grout needs to be sealed. If not, it will absorb everything it comes in contact with such as dirt, water, food, debris, mold, and more. Grout Shield’s clear grout sealer is perfect for outside sidewalks, concrete, buildings, and new grout

Change the Color of Your Grout in Just Minutes

Want to change the look of your room? Bored of the color of your grout? Or, is your grout clean but permanently stained? You don’t need to re-tile or re-grout your floor, which is very expensive. You can actually change

How to Create Social Media Promotions That Convert

Long gone are the days when social media was merely a way to share updates with friends and family. People of all ages spend hours on social media platforms every single day. It’s become not only a massive online community,