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Why It’s Important to Have Friends at Work

Most of us spend 40 hours per week at our jobs. It’s probably pretty important that we like going into work then, right? Having a friend at work can help. According to studies, having a “best friend” at the office

Clearing the Air: 4 Myths That Shouldn’t Keep You From Moving Your HR to the Cloud

Sponsored by HRdirect Smart Apps As a nonprofit professional, you may want (or need) to spend more time and resources on fundraising, outreach and other programs. What if there was a way to free up more time in your day to

How You Can Combat Employee Turnover

Combating employee turnover in the nonprofit sector is tricky, and, unfortunately, it’s pretty common. The hours are long, the work is hard and the pay isn’t always what it should be. The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports that fifty percent of

Free and Low-Cost Nonprofit Accounting Tools

When your nonprofit stays on the ball about adapting to new tools, it can work to achieve its mission. Part of this comes from good customer relationship management tools, but it can also include day-to-day operational things, like accounting and

The Difference Between Being Fiscally Responsible and Pinching Pennies

You work for a nonprofit. And that means spending minimal amounts of money and pinching every dollar to get by, right? That’s the way many nonprofits think, but it’s not necessarily true. The secret is this: you shouldn’t feel bad

Boost Your Performance Threshold by Outsourcing

Sponsored by Jitasa   Every nonprofit eventually reaches “the hump:” the point at which your organization wants to expand and do even more good for others, but your limited resources and/or personnel won’t allow it. This is frustrating, but it shouldn’t

Key Culture Tip: Great Minds Don’t Always Think Alike

I was having lunch with a friend recently, and she commented on the diversity of people who have been on Nonprofit Hub’s staff over the years. She then inquired about how we maintain such a strong cultural identity with such

Nonprofit Job Boards: 5 Ways to Get More From Your Listing

There are a plethora of nonprofit job boards, each bursting at the seams with vibrant opportunities for nonprofit professionals. At the same time, more candidates than you could count are competing for the best positions, each hoping to land in

3 Nonprofit Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss This Summer (and How to Stand Out From the Crowd)

Summer convention season is just around the corner for nonprofit organizations, a good time for groups of all types to recruit and also promote their message. Conventions are also a great place for nonprofit workers to network and hear about

Find (and Keep) New Staff by Improving Company Culture

I am continually amazed by what our Nonprofit Hub team can accomplish as lean as we operate. This summer, we took a different approach by hiring a new wave of interns.  It had been a while since I was able to