Mr. Earl Jackson at Loyola Univesity Annual Haiti Assistance Conference

Mr. Earl Jackson at Loyola Univesity Annual Haiti Assistance Conference

2016 donations raised more than 5 million dollars in supplies. More »


Purchase the Best Grout Cleaner in Indianapolis   

If you live or own a business in Indianapolis, you likely have grout on your floors or counters or walls somewhere, whether it’s in a kitchen, bathroom, hall, entrance, or pool.   In these places, grout gets walked on, spilled on,

Protect Donor Data When Working with Third-Party Vendors

High-profile data breaches in recent years show just how vulnerable some organizations can be to attacks from outside. Protecting your nonprofit’s data is crucial, no matter who you work with. Data privacy gets even trickier when you’re dealing with a

How to Clean Your Grout in El Paso  

Dirty grout can make any home or business look old and unappealing. You don’t want people thinking you don’t clean or take care of your property because of some stained grout. It’s crazy how dirty grout can make an entire

Neuromarketing Explained

There’s strong competition among nonprofit organizations when it comes to fundraising in the U.S. There are more than 1.5 million tax-exempt nonprofit organizations, and many have to compete for the attention of the public and donations. Therefore, there’s no surprise

Learn to use Best Grout Cleaner in Jacksonville  

Do you live in Jacksonville? Or own a business in this city? Whether your family brings in a lot of dirt, spills a lot or you have a lot of guest foot traffic in your business, we’re willing to bet you have a lot

How to Get Lotion Out of Grout with Grout Cleaner 

Whether you’re using it for dry skin or to prevent a sunburn, we, as humans, use lotion pretty regularly. Lotion is a slippery substance and we can spill or drip it easily. When lotion lands on grout lines, it can easily

8 Tips for Fundraising When You Hate Networking

Networking can be a daunting prospect. But it’s essential to having a successful nonprofit organization, so being prepared is vital. It doesn’t have to feel like a chore if you’re an introvert. Try these tips for fundraisers who hate networking:

Grout Cleaning Solution in Fort Worth    

If you live or own a business in Fort Worth, you likely have grout around the property, whether it’s in a kitchen, bathroom, hall, entrance, patio or pool.   Throughout a home or business, grout gets walked on, spilled on, or touched, which can make

Adjusting Online for Nonprofits: Keeping Faith Alive

The fight against coronavirus is all of ours together. Our assurance solely lies in the fact that we won’t be giving up any time soon. COVID-19 has affected every industry in some way or the other ― lockdowns all over

Grout Cleaning Products in Philadelphia  

Do you live in Philadelphia? Or own a business in Philly? Do you have dirty grout? We have the solution for you, and you need to hire a contractor or a grout-cleaning service. You can restore your grout on your own. You can