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Donor Retention 101: Master Donor Email Marketing

So someone just donated to your cause, that’s great! But now what? Email marketing is a great way to meet donors where they’re at and keep them connected. Once someone donates, you have to communicate with them quickly, and often

3 Simple Tricks to Improve Email Marketing

Did you know know that overall online giving grew by 19% last year? From the same report, it’s likely due to the fact that for every 1000 email subscribers, nonprofits have about 500 social media followers between Facebook, Instagram and

How to Win at Email

An email full of copy with zero visuals hits your trash can as fast as it hits your inbox. We’ve all seen gross emails—and even though we don’t read them, we take two seconds to be appalled by them before

No One Wants to Sign Up for Your Damn E-Newsletter

Picture this: you just Googled “how to patch the hole in my jeans,” and find the most irresistible article with the top three ways to mend your favorite pair (number 2 will blow your mind!). While reading about the best

6 Tips for Creating Engaging Email Newsletters

Sponsored by iContact   Regardless of whether you work in the nonprofit sector or run a small business, an email newsletter is one of the most important communication channels you have with your customers and supporters. A regularly scheduled email