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How to Clean Grout in a Dirty House

If you’re moving in a new home, chances are the previous owners left some things behind that are glistening the way you want. There’s a good chance the previous homeowners’ cleaning may not have been up to par with your

Kick off Your New Year with the Best Grout Cleaner

Why not kick off the new year with a clean home? After the holidays, our homes and businesses can be messy and dirty from lots of foot traffic dragging in dirt, mud, snow, and water. Make cleaning your home thoroughly

The Best Grout Cleaner for Your Business

A business continues to get customers and clients not only for its great products, food, or services but for its atmosphere and cleanliness. No one wants to shop, stay, or eat at a dirty-looking establishment. Businesses get a lot of

Preserve Your Grout with the Right Grout Cleaner and Sealer

Grout often gets forgotten about, until it’s unsightly. Grout can alter the entire look of a room, whether it’s stained, discolored or broken. Whether you just grouted your tile, cleaned it, or looking to change the color, you want to

Be an Affiliate and Promote Grout Cleaner

If you love to promote products or cleaning supplies, we’ve got the next one for you. if you become a Grout Shield Affiliate you can make extra money by promoting our grout restoration products by referring visitors to Grout Shield.

Fix Missing or Cracked Grout with Grout Shield

Missing, broken, or cracked grout isn’t pretty. It can make a room or your home look older and worn down, even if your home is clean and new. Getting your grout/tile replaced can be expensive, but you can fix your

Start Your Own Grout Cleaner Business

Each year, it seems everything gets a little more expensive, so we’re all trying to find different ways to make some extra money. Whether you’re looking for a side job, want an additional revenue source or looking to add to

Brighten Your Tile and Grout with a Grout Cleaner

Whether your house is 30 years old or three months old, grout lines and tile can become dull and discolor easily. You can transform your tile and grout again in a matter of minutes – for cheap and little time.

DIY Home Renovation with Grout Cleaner and Sealer

Home renovations are exciting, but they’re also pricey, which is why many people never get them done. However, there are ways to transform your home without having to pay hundreds and thousands on a home renovation. One way you can

Grout Shield Grout Color Sealer Works on All Grout

Grout Shield’s grout color sealer works on all types of grout, whether you have sanded, un-sanded or epoxy grout. Sanded grout usually is used on floors and countertops. Un-sanded grout usually is used in the shower or bathtub. The Grout