Mr. Earl Jackson at Loyola Univesity Annual Haiti Assistance Conference

Mr. Earl Jackson at Loyola Univesity Annual Haiti Assistance Conference

2016 donations raised more than 5 million dollars in supplies. More »


Start Your Own Business with Grout Products

Looking for another revenue source? Tired of your current job? Looking for another job? We’ve got the job for you. A Grout Shield dealer! When you purchase one of our  Grout Shield professional starter kits, you will get a business

How to Maximize Your Auction Fundraiser

This article is sponsored by Auctria. Auction fundraisers are a proven instrument to blow away your fundraising goals. If you haven’t considered an auction for fundraising, learn how to choose a type of auction and demystify the process. For those

How to Re-Grout A Shower Wall with Grout Color Seal

Showers get dirty fast. Between dirt, soap, and mold, they can look gross! Showers can also look worse when the grow begins to crack, break or fall apart. Re-tiling and re-grouting your shower can be expensive, but don’t fear, you

[PODCAST] Growing Good With Maggie Stuckey

Nonprofit Hub’s newest Hubcast series, Growing Good, is all about how young nonprofit professionals can sustain and grow our industry for the better. As startups and other for-profit companies ramp up their offerings for new employees, young people are especially

Clean Your Grout Properly to Avoid a Health Violation

If you own a business, whether it’s a restaurant or hotel, you will have to go through and pass a health inspection in order to keep the business open and running. If the health inspector finds your business having too

How Your Restaurant Can Avoid Fines with Grout Shield

Restaurants need to have good food, good service…and cleanliness! Customers don’t want to walk into a dirty restaurant. Your floors can be a big giveaway to the cleanliness of your establishment. If there’s dirt and grime all over your floor,

Become a Grout Shield Affiliate

Want to make extra money? Become a Grout Shield Affiliate! By promoting Grout Shield products and referring visitors to Grout Shield, you can 10% commission per order (excluding shipping). It’s FREE to join the Grout Shield Affiliate Program. How do you start?

Tips for Meeting Donors Face-to-Face

It’s your first donor meeting. You’re excited and passionate, but terrified. How do you get this person to like you and your message enough to contribute to your cause? How do you “make the sell”? Meeting donors in person is

How to Fix a Chipped Tile with Grout Shield’s Grout Products

Oh no, there’s a chip on a tile in the kitchen floor! What can you do? Don’t worry! You don’t necessarily have to re-tile the floor and spend a lot of money. Believe it or not, there’s a lot you

Keep Your Office Building Brand New with Grout Shield

Office buildings house a lot of people. Whether it’s the lobby, break room, conference room or bathroom, there’s a lot of traffic during office hours. Worker and clients can easily drag in dirt and debris, which can build up over