Grow Your Business with Grout Shield’s Grout Products

Whether you’re looking to expand your cleaning or contractor business or looking for part-time work, we have an opportunity for you. Become a Grout Shield independent business owner/ grout product dealer! You’ll use our grout-cleaning systems and products. We will give you so much support to get your started and throughout your business journey.

There is a lot of growth for you in the market – a lot of opportunity to make money. The best part? We offer FREE training to all our dealers!

At Grout Shield, we have designed a comprehensive system to help your grout business succeed. It is a two-day classroom education and technical training program that covers all aspects of the business; online training is also available! We have designed a Business Package to get you up and running with your own business fast.

Visit our Grout Shield professional starter kits page to view what is in our packages to get your business going.

Whether you plan on being a one-truck operation or have lots of employees, this opportunity will work for you. We will train you to know the products and business inside and out.

You will have business independence yet have the backing of our national brand. We want you to succeed!

Our packages (starter kits) will get you up and running fast. You will have enough product to do approximately 50 clean and seal jobs! That’s a gross market value $22,500 based on $450 per job. That’s the average cost for a 12’ x 12’ room, but you name the price! The Large Start Up Package is enough to generate up to $100,000 in annual revenue. The Small Start Up Package is enough to generate up to $50,000 in annual revenue

As a contractor/dealer with our Grout Shield products, you are provided with a staff to assist you with training, promotion, pricing and maintenance.

For more information on Grout Shield’s grout products, to purchase Grout Shield products, or to become a grout dealer, click our grout dealer page, or call toll free at 1-800-631-0716.

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