Why Does Grout Crack and How to Fix It

Cracked grout is ugly. It can make any room look older, dirty, and unkempt. Cracked grout sticks out like a sore thumb. There are a few reasons why grout may be cracking, so it’s best you get it inspected by a grout/tile professional to figure out why.

  • Grout can crack when there’s too much water mixed into the grout, which create tiny pinholes. When the grout dries, these pinholes make it easier for cracks to form in the grout.
  • Too much water in grout can make the grout weaker.
  • Grout can crack due to thinset (glue) that is applied over the mortar during installation. If not enough glue was applied, the tile will pull away from the mortar and create air gaps under the tile. The mortar will break, the grout will crack, and tiles will break. If there wasn’t enough glue under the tiles, the tile will become loose. The loosened tile will compromise the grout, which will make it crack and crumble away.
  • Grout can crack as the result of improper installation or a defect in the floor.
  • If there isn’t enough space in the room, the walls can put pressure on the tiles, causing both the tiles and grout to crack. Tile should also have proper soft joints and expansion joints to keep movement from happening that causes grout cracking.


Some cracked grout can easily be replaced or covered with new grout, while other cracks may need new tile installation with the entire room re-grouted. Remember, if you don’t have expertise in tile or grout, call someone that does.

If your cracks are small and not compromising anything, you can mix Grout Shield’s grout color sealer with grout to fill in the cracks and update the grout color.

Watch this video below of how to fixed cracked or missing grout with Grout Shield’s products.

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