How to Keep Grout Clean with Pets Around

Pets are part of people’s lives. Besides homes, pets are being welcomed in more establishments, especially pets who help those with disabilities or support. Pets can easily drag dirt, fur, and germs wherever they go. Sometimes, pets even have an accident on the floor. Pets can easily dirty or wreck a floor.

If you need to restore a floor that has been dirtied by pets, you can do it on the cheap with quality grout cleaning and grout sealing products. With the right grout restoration products, you won’t even know a pet has walked through the room!

Normal cleaning products cannot easily remove dirt from grout. Dirt, spills, urine, and liquids can seep into porous grout lines. Grout Shield offers many products that remove dirt and liquids that have deeply penetrated the grout lines, including pet urine. If pet urine isn’t cleaned up immediately, it can seep deep into the grout lines, which means your home or business may smell bad even after you clean the floor. If your grout isn’t properly cleaned, you can also have lots of bacteria and other germs in the grout lines.

By using Grout Shield’s products, your grout lines will go from dark and grimy to bright and clean. Dirty grout isn’t just unsightly, it is also unsanitary. If dirt and urine stay in grout lines, bacteria will grow making it unhealthy for you and your loved ones to walk on.

Grout Shield Grout and Tile Cleaner will remove all dirt and stains from the grout. Use a mop to distribute the cleaner and allow the formula to saturate into the grout for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, scrub the area with a grout or bristle brush, followed by using a clean rag to wipe away any remaining cleaner.

Pet accidents happen. Pets drag in dirt. It’s life! The best way to keep your floor and grout looking great is to seal your grout.

Grout Shield’s Clear Sealer or Color Sealer protects the grout. The color sealer allows you to change the color of the grout to any color you want. The sealer will keep anything from absorbing into the grout.

If you are looking for an easy way to restore your grout and floors from a pet’s messes without spending a fortune, purchase Grout Shield grout cleaners and sealers. To learn more about or to purchase Grout Shield’s products, click our grout restoration products  page or call 1-800-631-0716.

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