How to Use Grout Shield Grout Cleaners

Grout can be very hard to clean if you don’t have the proper grout cleaner. Soap and water usually can’t do the job, and your grout can remain looking dirty even after you’ve mopped or scrubbed.

With the right grout products, you can make cleaning your tile and grout a faster and stress-free process. Grout Shield provides quality tile and grout cleaners and sealers that have been helping people and businesses get grime, dirt, and germs out of their grout!

Below, we’ve shared descriptions of two of our cleaner products, and how to use them.  The instructions will help you easily clean away the dirty grout that you haven’t been able to get rid of all these years.

Before using any grout cleaner product: Sweep the area to make sure any loose debris is gone. A mop is recommended for cleaning.

Grout Shield Maintenance Cleaner – This is a neutral pH-cleaner that helps grout lines become renewed and clean. It is a non-combustible, fast-acting concentrate.

To use: 1. Dilute in water. The dilution rate is 2 oz. to 1 gallon of water. 2. Apply to the surface with a damp mop or sponge. During application, the cleaner will start to dissolve grease, dirt, and oil. Keep product on grout for 10-15 minutes. 3. Towel dry the area.

The maintenance cleaner comes in different sizes, depending on the size of the room/surface/building you’re cleaning.

Grout Shield Grout & Tile Deep Cleaner – This grout cleaner is great for tough and deep stains. This product lifts dirt out from the pores of the grout.

To use: 1. Mix 1 oz of the deep cleaner with 8 oz of warm water. 2. Brush into the grout. 3. Let the mixture sit on your grout for 10 to 15 minutes. 4. Wipe clean with a sponge.

Watch the video below to see how to clean dirty grout with our products:

Purchase Grout Shield Cleaners

Whether there’s minor dirt or years of grime deep in the grout lines, Grout Shield’s cleaners can lift up any oil, dirt, liquid, debris, or grease that’s sitting on or in the grout.

Grout Shield’s cleaners come in a variety of supply sizes that work well for both homes, cleaning companies, hotels, parks, and more.

The products are easy to use, and don’t require tireless scrubbing for hours. To learn more about Grout Shield’s cleaners or to purchase our products, grout cleaner page or call 1-800-631-0716 with any questions.

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