How Much Do You Know About Grout?

You likely have grout in many rooms of your home or business. But, how much do you actually know about the grout? Do you know what grout is? Do you know how to clean and care for it? If grout isn’t properly cared for, it will look dirty and can break.

Grout is a porous, and it is made from a cement or epoxy-based material that locks tiles together to keep out water. Grout fills in spaces between stone and tiles, which also gives the surface a better finished look. Grout makes floors, walls, counter tops, and backsplashes stronger by bonding the tiles together. Grout can also help prevent the edges of tiles from chipping.

All types of grout require maintenance. Grout Shield cleaners can clean all types of grout. Here are some details about different types of grout:

Sanded grout – This grout contains fine sand; it is most often used for seams 1/8” and wider.

Unsanded grout – This grout is a smooth blend of cement and powdered pigments mixed with water.This grout is usually used for seams less than 1/8” wide.

Epoxy grout – This type of grout can be both sanded in unsanded. Epoxy grout is resistant to most stains and chemicals, because it includes a hardener and an epoxy resin. It is usually used for tiles ½” or less. This grout is best used for heavily trafficked or exposed areas.

You can also choose and change the color of your grout. Your grout can be bold or neutral. Grout Shield’s color sealer protects your grout while also coloring it any color you want.

Grout Shield’s products can easily restore soiled grout lines to a “like new” appearance. Our grout cleaners safely lift stains and clean grout, while our grout sealers protect the grout from getting dirty and dull.

To learn more about Grout Shield’s products, call 1-800-631-0716 to learn what to purchase.

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