How to Re-Grout A Shower Wall with Grout Color Seal

Showers get dirty fast. Between dirt, soap, and mold, they can look gross! Showers can also look worse when the grow begins to crack, break or fall apart. Re-tiling and re-grouting your shower can be expensive, but don’t fear, you don’t necessarily need to re-grout your shower wall. With Grout Shield’s color seal, you can make your shower look brand new again.

Grout Shield’s grout color seal works great on all kinds of showers, whether it’s in a home or a hotel room. With this color seal, not only will your grout look great, mold, mildew, and soap scum won’t build up on your shower walls because the seal is protecting the grout by creating a protective barrier.

How can you fix your shower wall grout with Grout Shield? First, you’re going to take sanded or un-sanded grout and put it in a cup. Then, take the color seal and squirt it in the cup. Add some water. Mix it up. You want your grout to look like a pancake batter – thick, so when you apply it to the wall it will bind. To fix the missing grout, take your grout mixture and push it into the grout joint/line. Once you fixed all the missing grout in the shower, then you want to color seal it. Take the color seal and squeeze it along the grout line. Don’t worry if you get it on the tile. Grout Shield’s color seal doesn’t stick to tile. Take your finger and run it along up and down the grout line to fill in the grout. Then, take the chamois and wipe off the excess sealer. It’s that easy!

Watch the video below to see how you can fix mixing grout in your shower with Grout Shield’s color seal:

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